Wish to become as the ERP Reseller ?

Even software’s are not new from 90’s only 75% of the firm’s are utilizing software in different manners. But, only 5% of them are using fully integrated cloud solutions.

The importance of Cloud Solution’s over traditional software is,

  • Traditional Software (offline) is limited to single computer or Max to Max in office premises.
  • Now a day’s business people are involving with multiple businesses and seeking information from remote location, which may be in the form of various Reports / Approvals / Reminders

To achieve this cloud computing is essential.

  • Gait view forecasted this long back itself & focused on this from the starting step.
  • A full-fledged system is ready for your distribution which can be useful to many reputed industries like Education, Retail, Hotels and Construction etc....
  • Unique feature which makes Gait view to stand separate from other Cloud based applications is “Centralized system” for each industry.
  • Our core Dashboard is very much useful to the busiest person who holds multiple businesses to look over their industry information and Status at one glance.

Technical Support:

  • We offer support over Web and Phone.
  • Instead of manual training, We provide training videos of modules which saves your valuable time.
  • Providing on-site or remote support for important implementation process phases like migrations etc and hardware integrations like UH etc...

In ERP sector, its a hectic process to integrate the existed application into new ERP application. Gait View resolves this issue in an easy way by collectiong data in the form of excels.

Investment Details:

  • To Bring in License for all projects, Pay one time amount.
  • Sold above 50 Licenses AMC might applicable.
  • No Maintanence charges upto 18 months / 50 Licenses.
  • After 18 months / 50 Licenses Franchisee/Alliance should pay Rs.500 P/M per client irrespective of invoice to their customers.


We enjoy a customer retention rate of 96 percent, by far the best in the business.

Average revenues for our alliance owners: 24,00,000 Per Annum
2,00,000 Per Month

  • High margins on licence prices. Reseller can taste huge profits with less investment.
  • Technical Support