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Advance your career at one of the fastest-growing IT, business process outsourcing, and consulting companies in the world.

Join. Collaborate. Contribute. Thrive. Starting out? Newly experienced? Seasoned Professional? Wherever you are in your career journey, we offer energizing, challenging global opportunities, working for top-tier clients in almost every industry.

If you're new to the workforce,our international footprint, wide industry reach, and broad exposure to the latest technologies provide a wide world of opportunity to launch your career in the right direction Or maybe you're an established professional, seeking fresh challenges? Then Gait View is right for you. We're growing quickly, expanding rapidly around the globe, resolving new problems for clients, and opening new frontiers to explore. We're always looking for how clients can create more innovative ways of doing business... leverage advanced technologies... and transform their operations in advance of any economic eventuality.

Alliances Gait View works with alliance partners to offer compelling business propositions for the customers. Our alignment with the technology leaders across various industries enables us to provide our customers with world-class solutions that transform their business processes. The customers are always challenged to decide on the best-fit of technology and vendors, and Gait View being a trusted advisor helps customers optimize their business.

The work code here is "CLIENT FIRST ," and we breathe it daily. Although, we do work hard, it's worth it, because our clients truly appreciate what we do. They value the business-technology insights and capabilities we deliver to their organizations, and the success we help enable. The proof: They come back to us again and again, 90+% of the time, and have helped to make us the "fastest growing, top-tier IT & ITES services company in the world."

Who We Are?

We are a company of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that we do. To deliver the greatest results for our clients-and our stakeholders-we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of business and technology trends.

Our values are grounded in strong ethics, transparency and openness. Clients trust us, and we generally form long-lasting relationships that make us integral contributors to their organizations. In fact, 90+% of our clients return to us when they begin new initiatives.

You'll find richly diverse workforce. Ours is a vibrant, energetic environment, achievement oriented and filled with opportunity. It is a community of the best and brightest professionals, working as close, collaborative teams, but also empowered individually to act in the best interests of clients.

Under strong leadership, we expect continuing growth and global expansion. Flexibility and adaptability is built into our model. We have an advanced global delivery platform with a full complement of technology and consulting services across most major industry segments, and a model that positions us well into the future.

Working at Gait View

Our company's DNA is task and team based, not geography based. This structure is made possible by our services delivery model, which enables real-time knowledge sharing and interaction with colleagues round the clock.

We are the only international services provider with a business model structured both vertically and horizontally. That is, vertically with expertise in almost every major industry segment, as well as horizontally, across a full complement of integrated solutions and services. In fact, many of our senior people originate from the industries in which we work.

Our Gait View culture is an enabling one. It emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions in the best interests of the client. Importantly, it also rewards personal achievement and contribution, financially and through public recognition.

Coming on board

When you join, you'll be introduced to the company, its processes, tools and procedures, and you'll be personally guided along the way. In fact, even while you're in the process of applying, you'll be assigned a representative to help you through the process.


Our entrepreneurial culture emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions that enrich client satisfaction, and it rewards personal initiative and achievement.

We look for the best and brightest when hiring so our management is constantly focused on making our workplace one that's stimulating, positive, and inclusive. A workplace that's dedicated to service excellence and reflects the highest standards of conduct.

In return for contribution, we offer an attractive employment package that includes highly competitive salary and benefits packages tailored to each geography, as well as additional financial incentives and performance rewards. You'll be thoroughly briefed on the specifics when you join.

We also offer learning opportunities for advancement through Learn with Gait View

Career Tracks

Depending on your background, you can choose your career track from the following:
  • Project management
  • Technical
  • Client development
  • Management Consulting, including Business Analysis, Business Development, Competency Building
  • Corporate Functions
In each track, Heads collaborate to set Business Unit strategy, reporting directly to our Executive Leadership. Along specific tracks, our lean, streamlined organization means there are only three to two reporting levels before any issue reaches top management's attention. Career development receives primary emphasis here.

Our goal is for individuals to reach their full potential and for the company and our clients to gain the benefits of enthusiastic, motivated employees.

  • Employees are encouraged to succeed, not in a single project, but in a variety of challenging roles over time.
  • Periodic job rotation is built into our employment guidelines.
  • Placement offices in all locations have access to the entire talent pool to encourage applications from various geographies so there's plenty of mobility.
  • Fast-track growth opportunities are offered to high performers.
  • Opportunities to shift "tracks" are also encouraged to avoid "pigeon holing".
  • Ongoing training programs and leadership development courses are offered so that your skills keep growing.
Programs help channel individual aspirations by identifying job requirements and providing customized learning to reach a stated goal.

Career Opportunities

If you'd like an exciting, challenging and rewarding workplace with career advancement based on performance, explore opportunities at Gait View.

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Advantage Gait View

You'll work with the leaders across industries to provide leading-edge technology services and consulting advice. We truly believe our client-first business culture is a clear competitive advantage. Our passion for making a difference at work and in our communities is the basic driver for building stronger client businesses. If being a part of a fast-growing, diverse and talented global team is your goal, apply now. Opportunities at Gait View exist around the world. Search for the position that's right for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Openings/Internships/Academic Projects @ Gait View

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We Offer Internships / Academic Projects for MBA Students and MCA Students Mail your queries to call us @ 7036 00 00 44 / 66. Gait View does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process. Gait View has not authorized any agency/partner to collect any fee for recruitment.

Gait View prides itself as a young and vibrant organization and recognizes its employees as its greatest assets. Consequently, the employee satisfaction level in the Organization is, possibly, amongst the highest in the industry, and does not stem from the compensation package alone.

Comprising of people drawn from different specialization and divergent backgrounds, the employees merge into a highly homogeneous working group, catalyzed by the informal and transparent HRD policies pursued by the Company.

The ideal address for achievers as well as those who love challenges, we offer opportunities in the following fields:

  • Retail and Institutional Marketing
  • Information Technology

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