Rs.20,000 (<500 Students)
Rs.30,000 (>500 Students)
Rs.40,000 (>1000 Students)

  • Customised Software
  • 20000 SMS
  • Entry & Exit SMS
  • Smart ID Cards
  • Own Website
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Gateway
  • 24/7 support


Rs.150 / Year
Per Student

  • Customised Software
  • Unlimited Txn. SMS
  • Entry & Exit SMS
  • Smart ID Cards
  • Own Website
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Gateway
  • 24/7 support


Rs.200 / Year
Per Student

  • Customised Software
  • Unlimited Txn. SMS
  • Entry & Exit SMS
  • Smart ID Cards
  • Own Website
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Gateway
  • 24/7 support

Personalised Dashboard

  • Personalised dashboard for each & every employee
  • Hierarchical based approval system
    • Menu Approvals
    • Concession Approvals
    • Expense Approvals
    • Finance Transfers
    • Income
  • OTP generation for deletions
    • Receipt Deletion
    • Voucher Deletion
    • Student / Employee Deletion
  • Summarised information in Dashboard panels
  • Graphical representation of various reports
  • Birthdays of both employees & students

Smart Attendance

  • Student / Employee attendance by ID card / biometric
  • Real time synchronization with servers
  • Instant updates to parents of their children attendance
  • Auto alerts to parents if student was absent
  • Instant SMS to employee & superior,if employee is absent / latecome / early go
  • No need of any manual work for sending absent SMS to parents
  • Individual employee work hours can be monitored
  • Continuous absenties alerts
  • Periodic attendance percentage summaries
  • Smart attendance tracking can be directly integrated with payroll
  • Attendance percentage reports based on period / subject / Day
  • Variety of wireless hardware devices to track dynamic attendance
    Ex : MIFARE, Biometric, Walk through, UHF (long range)

Finance Management System

  • Student Fees Management
  • Class wise fee structure
  • Transport feeses by stages
  • Student wise fee setup
  • Fee Concessions / Scholarships with approvals
  • Category wise fee setup like
    - General Quota, NRI Quota
  • Fine Collection Management
  • Income collection at branch / group office
  • Deletions with OTP authentication
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Different pay modes selection
    - Cash, Cheque / DD, Online, Credit / Debit card swiping
  • Ledger maintenance & Bank statements
  • Many consolidated reports
    - Fee Head wise, Monthly collection & Due reports etc..


Offering widest range of payment options for parents to pay school fees using online credit/debit cards or internet-Banking through a secured and encrypted payment gateway.

  • This can be accessed by Parent login / Mobile App
  • Before making the payment itself parent can verify segregated fee structure of his / her child
  • Fast, secure and easy payment process enable a smooth online customer experience with multiple gateways - Pay’U’ money, Atom, CC Avenue, Bill Desk etc..
  • On the successful completion of payment, parent will get SMS confirmation and can take print copy if needed


  • Zonal / Branch wise collection, receivables & Overdue by date
  • Expenses management with hierarchical approvals
  • Employee advances management
  • Income / Expense - Bank reconciliation
  • Transfers between branches / banks & approval for the same
  • Bills entry, bills adjustments & consolidate bill reports
  • Comparative account wise analysis to minimal waste expenditure
  • Day end summary to all directors by Mail & Message
  • Many more consolidated reports by dates

Payroll Management System

  • A full-fledged integrated leave management system
  • Directly integrated with Smart Attendance
  • Allowances / Deductions formulas can be differentiated by employee wise also
  • Number of latecomes will be considered in loss of pay calculation
  • Salary payslip for individual employee
  • Bills entry, bills adjustments & consolidate bill reports
  • Employee advances will be deducted while generating payroll
  • Different kinds of statutory reports available

ID Cards

  • Automatic generation of ID cards at the time of student admission
  • Proofing & Correction can be done in simplified way at your end
  • Template can be differentiated by student wise also
  • Online proofing, overcomes time delay in traditional paper proofing
  • Variety of sample templates are available to meet your taste
  • Class wise / section wise pending / completed ID cards count
  • Duplicate ID card generation can be done at your end
  • Premium quality executive holders

Academic Management System

  • Own subject curriculum along with electives concept
  • Exam time table management
  • User defined exam pattern
  • Subject wise variation in max marks & pass marks
  • Can exclude some subjects from the total inclusion
  • Class wise result analysis and yearly reports of students
  • Students previous year progress reports can access easily
  • Marking / grading pattern
  • Student wise / semester wise reports
  • CBSE pattern of CCE with co-scholastic entries
  • ICSE syllabus pattern
  • SMS communication of exam time table as well as results posting

Lesson Planning

  • Period allocation can be done as per the timetable set up by considering week offs and holidays
  • Period can be postpone if any collaboration occurs with exams / un-expected holidays
  • Status of the period can be updated by staff individually whether completed / not
  • Files like PDF / Video / PPT / URL etc., can be upload by staff for the particular subject & those can be downloaded by the students in their logins
  • Review on subjects teaching can be given by students, which will be seen by admin only & those reviews are confidential


  • Class wise timetable setup for subjects along with concern staff
  • During timetable setup alerts will be shown to verify whether staff is available / not to allocate
  • Staff allocation can be done only if he / she is free for the selected period
  • Allocated periods can be view by staff wise / class wise between dates
  • Teacher / Parent can check today’s time table by Mobile App

Homework & Dairy

  • Teaching staff can add diary for their respective subjects in their logins
  • Office clerk can add class wise diary at once to all classes
  • Diary SMS can be sent to parents at once to all classes
  • Parents can view previous / current day’s diary of their student in their logins
  • Homework in-completion along with remark can be updated by individual student
  • The above remarks can be shared to the parents by SMS also


  • Automate certificate generation allows you for all kinds of certificates needed by the school
  • All kinds of school certificates generated by ERP are 100% customizable
    1) T.C. 2) Bonafied 3) Study Certificate 4) Character Certificate
  • Parents can sent request for bonafied certificate in their logins, so that school management can easily address, who need bonafied certificate and they will give printed copy to those students
  • Parents can view previous / current day’s diary of their student in their logins
  • This not only saves a lot of time but also automates a tough and lengthy process

Library Management

  • Department wise multiple libraries management.
  • Book search/issue/return/movement for student/staff/guests
  • Books move from one library to another library
  • Book location in rack can be identified by unique book number
  • Fine collection for late return of books
  • Supplier details and publisher details
  • Bar coding management system for books
  • Entry monitoring system for students


  • Variety of items can be maintained along with COMBO packs
  • Low stock alerts in personalised dashboard
  • Vendor management
  • Bulk / Individual price setup
  • Purchase request & purchase orders
  • Item & vendor wise reports
  • Can track PO status by order number
  • Inventory sale / return


  • Now a days everybody wants to have real time communication with Staff, Parents, Students & Friends etc.. within minutes time in an user-friendly environment.
  • To enable this we are allowing all communications by
    Bulk SMS, E-Mail, Internal Mailing System & Mainly by Mobile Apps.
  • SMS can send to “DND” numbers also
  • Delivery within seconds
  • Delivery reports will be available
    • General announcements
    • Due alerts
    • Exam time table & Result SMS
    • Diary / Home Work SMS
    • Route wise SMS
    • Instant gate entry and exit SMS
    • Attendance SMS
    • Day end auto alerts on Attendance, Finance
    • Periodic attendance percentages
    • SMS to selected students only
    • Notices and OTP for approvals
    • Promotional SMS


  • You can take all of your data in excel format at any time with authorised OTP
    • Attendance, results and students details
    • Previous and current year pending payments
    • Ledger book and bank statement details between two dates
  • Daily & weekly backups are scheduled automatically to our disaster recovery point
  • Backups can be restored from excel formats also

GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Parental monitoring of school busses arrivals and departures
  • You can able to access data that measures acceleration, braking, turning and speed of the bus
  • GPS system will keep detailed records of the busses that are running
  • SMS alerts will shoot automatically to management, when bus goes in wrong route / exceeds speed limit
  • Detail report of vehicle

Transport Management

  • Vehicle list
  • Route details and route wise student allocation
  • Route/stage wise student details
  • Route wise journey details
  • Insurance and permit remainders
  • Stage wise fee differentiation is possible
  • Fuel consumption and KM reading on the daily basis
  • Route wise outstanding report facilitates drivers to collect long-period overdues

Own Website Integration

  • Domain Registration

    We will register your own domain in the name of your institute (ex: and provides domain hosting also

  • Website Design
    • We Plan, Design and implement website on your desire
    • User friendly Navigation
    • Management of your website content
    • Mobile friendly designs to meet trend
    • Login to our ERP by your domain which promotes your branding at your staff & parents

Mobile App

  • We will provide mobile app with Mobilized User Experience and Friendly Interface
  • We can also provide Mobile App in the name of your school
  • Best suite to check all student information by parent
  • Quick and easy information grasping to the director
  • Parent can make the payment by mobile app itself
  • Student can rate lecture by his mobile app
  • Timetable & Manuals can view directly
  • Approvals can easily access anywhere through mobile app
  • All the desktop content can be available in mobile app also


  • Migration can be done in an easy way with data consistency that too max within a week time
  • All Employees, Students, Finance entries etc.. can be uploaded at single click
  • Our Environment can be easily adopted

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