In most of the clinics, the doctors do not maintain any patient records with them. They handover the papers to patients and ask them to bring the papers when they come for next visit. Many patients lose the papers and many times they tend to forget to bring the papers. With Insta HMS, the details of patients are always available with the doctors. Doctors can view these documents even from their homes.

The clinical documents of patients can be sorted by date or by type of documents. There is an option to upload the documents brought by the patient as well, so that a comprehensive set of clinical documents of each patient can be maintained by the doctor. This increases the confidence of patient. Also it makes the patient stick to the same doctor as the patient would not want to go to other doctors who will not have such detailed clinical records with them.

Hospitals spend close to 25% of their revenue on medicines and consumables. This inventory is spread across the hospital in various wards, OT and in pharmacies. Unless these stock movements are tracked and stocks verified regularly, there is a high possibility of loss, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Our HMS provides solutions for close tracking of inventory through many controls. For example, items marked as billable cannot be 'consumed' without any bill. There is facility to track indents for various departments to see which department is asking what consumables at what frequency. Controls can be put in such a way that items are issued only against indents. There is an option to track expiry date of medicines so that unused medicines can be returned well before their expiry dates.

Our HMS also provides an option for automated calculation of all payments to be made to consulting doctors or referral doctors. We support payment calculations based on very complex rules. For example, we can calculate payments to doctors based on category of patient, specialty of doctor, type of service provided, whether insurance patient or not etc.. The amount can be fixed or calculated as a percentage after deducting some fixed amount. There is also a facility to make adjustments, if any, after the calculations are done.

There is a similar facility available to calculate the payments to be made to outhouses for tests sent to them as well.

For many large hospitals, the revenue from insurance and government or corporate sponsored health schemes is becoming a big portion of their revenue. Unless the data is maintained well and presented well, receiving payments from these entities is not easy and it takes time. HMS provides many facilities to track the insurance cases. First, it makes sure all the insurance information is collected properly. There is a facility for automatic calculation of co-pay and deductibles based on the insurance company. Each bill item can be split into patient co-pay amount and sponsor amount.

Nowadays, people receive SMS alert messages for many things like banking transactions, movie bookings and car service. Patients would also like to get reminders on their appointments. It will help improve the image of theseclinics as a high-tech one and also help in increasing the business.